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Lilium partners with FlightSafety International on eVTOL pilot training and more

Lilium is partnering with aviation training company FlightSafety International (FSI).  FlightSafety will be the exclusive developer and provider for flight training devices for the Lilium Jet, including immersive, and mixed-reality simulators for training, as well as an early flight simulator representative of the Lilium Jet cockpit, to be used by Lilium engineers.

“The simulator, known as the e-Sim (“e” for engineering), will be integrated into Lilium’s ground-based aircraft systems integration laboratory (SiLab), and used by Lilium teams as part of the testing and certification of the revolutionary Lilium Jet,” said the company.  “The e-Sim will be an important asset in the Lilium Jet development program, enabling pilot familiarization before the start of flight testing and an appropriate environment for the verification of aircraft requirements. The e-Sim will also support type-certification of the Lilium Jet by providing means of compliance for demonstrating that the aircraft conforms to certification requirements. Additionally, FSI will develop and deliver training programs, including online training program modules, for the qualification of future Lilium pilots and mechanics worldwide

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