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Bristow secures early delivery positions for Electra’s eSTOL with deposit

Following the successful first flights of Electra’s eSTOL technology demonstrator aircraft, Bristow Group, a provider of “innovative and sustainable vertical flight solutions”, has secured early delivery positions for five of Electra’s hybrid-electric short takeoff and landing (eSTOL) production aircraft by executing a deposit agreement.

“Bristow signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Electra in 2021 to be the principal launch operational customer for the eSTOL aircraft, with a pre-order of up to 50 aircraft” according to the press release.  “Bristow will use Electra’s aircraft to expand and diversify its portfolio of specialised passenger services to offer sustainable regional air transport on routes of 50 to 500 miles. The piloted Electra eSTOL aircraft has the unique capability to take off and land in locations as small as 300x100ft, making it ideal for reaching a broader range of remote or underutilised airports as well as alternative landing areas.

“Electra’s proprietary blown lift technology uses eight motors to provide additional wing lift and enable ultra-short takeoffs and landings at slow speed, and hybrid-electric power that provides internal recharging capabilities for aircraft batteries and a greatly increased range. Electra has designed the eSTOL aircraft so that hydrogen or battery-electric propulsion systems can be used in the future when those technologies are commercially viable. Certification and entry into service under FAA Part 23 regulations is expected in 2028.”

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