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CAAM and CARTAMS “to develop five year UAM roadmap for Canada”

The Canadian Advanced Air Mobility consortium (CAAM) and the Centre for Advanced Research and Training in Aviation, Mobility and Space (CARTAMS) have announced a partnership to support the development of an advanced mobility and space (AMS) ecosystem in Canada.

An important first initiative of the newly formed partnership is a cross-sectoral study to catalogue and better understand the current state of AMS ecosystem in Canada, according to a press release, and provide a foundation for developing a five-year AMS road map. A key component of the study will be to assess how each AMS vertical (aviation/aerospace, mobility, and space) works with each other today, then identify gaps, areas for improvement and opportunities to inform the CAAMS-CARTAMS AMS road map.

According to JR Hammond, Executive Director of CAAM. “Our partnership with CARTAMS allows us to focus even more on helping industry and government chart a course towards safe operations while supporting CARTAMS in the other pieces we aren’t currently set up for.”

Chris Kitzan, Director General of the Canada Aviation and Space Museum – a founding partner of CARTAMS – said, “The CARTAMS and CAAM partnership is exciting because of a clear alignment of our complementary missions and approaches. By working together, we will help Canada build a new AMS ecosystem for Canadians that is powered by Canadians.

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