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DM-AirTech’s weather analytics support Bluenest by Globalvia for “first ever” eVTOL flight in Latin America

Bluenest by Globalvia, alongside its weather partner DM-AirTech and other UAM service providers has successfully conducted the first passenger eVTOL flight demonstration in Latin America.

The event “took place thanks to a collaborative effort between Bluenest by Globalvia, Guanacaste Airport – LIR (a subsidiary of VINCI Airports) and Reserva Conchal (hospitality division of FIFCO), marking a significant milestone in the advancement of sustainable and innovative air mobility solutions in Costa Rica” according to the press release. “By flying an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft in front of a diverse audience, this event promoted the viability of UAM services for different and multiple purposes e.g. sight seeing, airport shuttle, as well as in for transforming urban and peri-urban mobility.

“The worst thing that can happen to those who invested in creating a specific UAM service (for example connecting the International Airport of San José in Costa Rica with surrounding mobility hubs) is to realize that the return on investment (ROI) is two digits lower than expected. This could happen easily when there is a mismatch between the purchased aircraft’s performances and local weather patterns because this will induce more flight cancelations than expected. At DM-AirTech we named this as “Weather Misfit”. Ensuring “Weather Fit” can be achieved by including weather analytics into the decision making. DM-AirTech’s platform  VertiPlace was designed to make this effectively. The process of ensuring Weather Fit starts several months to some years prior to first operation. During this time, stakeholders monitor the long term effects that weather will have on business choices they are making e.g. site and aircraft selection, vertiport design and planning or pre-scheduling a service (to name a few). This allows to effectively monitor the impact of those choices in the ROI.”

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(Image: DM-AirTech)

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