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Urban-Air Port and LG Electronics Business Solutions form strategic collaboration

Urban Air-Port (UAP) today announced a collaboration agreement with global technology company, LG Electronics. The agreement was signed by LG’s Head of ID Global Sales & Marketing and Executive Chairman of Urban-Air Port, Ricky Sandhu, following a meeting in Barcelona in January at the Integrated Systems Europe exposition.

“This latest news builds on a productive relationship between the two companies: UAP has collaborated with LG since 2022, when LG supplied digital infrastructure for the ground-breaking Coventry launch of its AirOne vertiport” according to the press release. “The signing sets in place a strategic, long-term commitment to work together to develop and serve the market for and operation of safe, reliable, and efficient advanced air mobility (AAM) systems globally using UAP and LG solutions cutting-edge technologies.

“This unique commitment allows UAP to provide its clients with fully integrated and seamlessly connected vertiports, reducing costs and complexity by incorporating existing state-of-the-art LG technology, as well as soon to be announced technologies.

“The first step in this important relationship is the development of a world-first, LG-enabled Urban Air Port AirOne Next Gen – a multi-stacked hangar vertiport reference design. In the longer term, LG and UAP intend to develop a set of products, designs and services to further widescale adoption globally. The two firms’ technical and research divisions will collaborate on use cases and specifications for multiple applications. This collaboration will be guided by a steering committee drawn from senior leadership, and the impact of this partnership on the industry is expected to be significant.

“The LG/UAP teams’ work will also lead to new market insights and deeper understanding of intermodal connectivity requirements for vertiports, as well as the diversity of customer requirements and experience. As part of this preferred partnership, their teams will host workshops, develop simulations, and conduct surveys with the aim of building a standardised LG/UAP showcase vertiport that can be tailored on spec.

“LG recognises that UAP is a world-class infrastructure designer and will support mutual exploration of international expansion of its services. In parallel, LG also becomes part of UAP’s market-leading ecosystem, partner network and joins existing customers and partners including Supernal, a part of Hyundai Motor Group in the US, those in the Middle East and in Asia Pacific. Together, LG and UAP intend to develop a set of products, designs and services to account for elements of the value chain required to deliver and sell UAP’s infrastructure complemented with LG platforms and services.”

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(Image: Urban-Air Port)

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