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Doroni Aerospace builds test lab for its systems and components

Doroni Aerospace has announced it has developed a custom-built test fixture designed to assess the performance of its motors, propellers, and electronic components, marking a crucial step towards the production and deployment of the H1-X model of their eVTOL ‘flying car’.

The custom-built test fixture is engineered to :perform tests and optimizations on motors, propellers, and electronic components; simulate every aspect of a flight profile and various conditions, providing precise data on the performance of electronic components in real-world scenarios; focus on sustainability by optimizing and tuning electric components and accelerate the development process by enabling in-house fine-tuning of technology.

Doroni Aerospace invites enthusiasts and stakeholders to experience a behind-the-scenes tour of the lab, showcasing the progress being made. Viewers can witness the custom-built test fixture in action and hear directly from engineers about its role in delivering the H1-X.

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