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UrbanLink, Skyway Technologies partner to develop vertiports in Florida and Puerto Rico

UrbanLink Air Mobility, an advanced air mobility (AAM) operator based in South Florida, has entered into a partnership agreement with Skyway Technologies Corp. (Skyway), a vertiport development and operations company based in California, for the joint placement of vertiports in key U.S. and Caribbean markets. UrbanLink and Skyway plan to release more details on specific vertiport routes and locations in South Florida and Puerto Rico over the next six months.

“This partnership marks UrbanLink’s second collaboration with an established vertiport developer, underscoring the company’s commitment to building a robust support network for AAM operations,” according to an UrbanLink press release. “By joining forces with Skyway, UrbanLink is set to accelerate the deployment of essential vertiport infrastructure needed for its Lilium Jets and the broader AAM industry.

“Collaboration between eVTOL operators and vertiport developers ensures that vertiport designs meet operational needs and enhance the customer experience,” said Ed Wegel, Founder and Chairman of UrbanLink. “In order to finance and build the vertiports needed to support the AAM industry, it is crucial to have multiple partners. We are impressed with Skyway’s understanding of our business and their commitment to delivering well-designed, safe, and efficient vertiports in the U.S. and Caribbean.”

With entry into service expected by Summer 2026, UrbanLink is poised to be the first airline in the U.S. to integrate eVTOL aircraft into its fleet. In May, UrbanLink announced its partnership with Lilium and a commitment to purchase 20 Lilium Jets with scheduled pre-delivery payments. Currently, UrbanLink is focused on providing eVTOL flight operations in South Florida, Los Angeles, Southern California and Puerto Rico, with plans for additional destinations underway.

“Our partnership with UrbanLink is advancing the industry towards launching operations in the United States,” said Clifford Cruz, CEO of Skyway. “We are committed to providing outstanding operator services and introducing innovative customer experiences at our vertiports, promoting the adoption of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) in the most safe and secure manner.”

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