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Doroni launches Series A Reg D Offering to finance FAA certification

Doroni Aerospace, manufacturer of a personal two-seater electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) has announced the launch of its Series A Reg D Offering, “providing accredited investors with easy online access to participate in this investment opportunity, marking a significant milestone in the development and growth of its cutting-edge technology,” said the company.

“This investment opportunity is critical step in the organization’s process to obtain official certification from the FAA. Additionally, the company will start delivery of the first units sold in the second half of 2025,” the company reports. “By supporting their efforts, investors can contribute to enhancing the company’s operations, as well as assisting with recruitment and research and development, ultimately bringing the company’s goals to fruition.”

Doroni reports that over the past six months it has completed 53 successful test flights and USD3.6 million raised through equity crowdfunding from over 1,900 investors.

Doroni Aerospace’s H1, a two-seater personal eVTOL, available for pre-order, has already begun receiving deposits. With an estimated starting retail price of USD250,000, the H1 will provide individuals with a new way to own, fly, and park their very own “flying car” in a standard two-car garage. To get started, customers will only need a current valid driver’s license and to complete a 20-hour training course, provided by the company, to ensure a safe and seamless experience.

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