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China’s Zenergy “launches aviation battery with 320Wh/kg density”

According to Eastwest Connect news channel, China’s ZENERGY has launched an aviation battery with a density as high as 320Wh/kg.

“While taking into account the high energy density, it can still meet the high-rate discharge performance of 12C under 20% SOC, which solves the industry problem that high energy density and high rate cannot be achieved at the same time,” says a news story. “This has become possible and opened the prelude to electrification in the aviation field.”

“In recent years, driven by the demand for electrification of vehicles, the energy density of power batteries has changed from 60~80Wh/kg in 2011,” the news report continues. “Up to now, the ternary products have reached 250Wh/kg, an increase of about four times; the power performance has increased by more than three times.In terms of cost, it has also dropped from 4~5 yuan/Wh in 2011 to the current 0.7~0.8 yuan/Wh.

“The range of aviation aircraft is much more sensitive to the weight of the whole machine than that of electric vehicles, which puts forward the ultimate lightweight demand for batteries; The average discharge power is significantly higher than that of electric vehicles, requiring batteries with high energy density and high discharge rate; The safety requirements are higher, and the battery needs to meet the ppb-level aviation standard.

“The ultimate requirement of lightweight requires batteries with high energy density; Extremely high discharge powers require batteries with high power. In short, it is necessary to “have both” the contradictory body of high energy density and high power of the battery….In terms of energy density, the energy density of ZENERGY Aviation Battery is as high as 320Wh/kg, which greatly reduces the weight of the battery, which in turn can make electric aircraft lighter and fly farther….“In terms of safety, ZENERGY Aviation Battery has achieved the aviation-grade safety standard of ppb-level failure probability and the aviation-grade safety requirement of “zero” heat dissipation, breaking through the last obstacle in the application of power batteries in the aviation field.

“In terms of fast charging, the ZENERGY Aviation battery can be charged to 80% in 15 minutes.”

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