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eSTOL market consolidates as Electra acquires Airflow

Electra, manufacturer of an electric short take off and landing (eSTOL) aircraft, has announced the acquisition of California-based Airflow.  In a press release the company says: “Both Electra and Airflow have been building blown-lift, ultra-short takeoff and landing aircraft to serve new air mobility markets that favour the operating flexibility of a helicopter, yet require the superior range and economics of a fixed-wing aircraft.”

The company goes on to report “With this acquisition, Electra is consolidating Airflow’s eSTOL business under the Electra brand building Electra’s order book to almost 800 units. Electra will integrate Airflow’s highly experienced team, backlog of letters of intent and strategic partnerships into its own activities, which complement and strengthen Electra’s portfolio and offer future customers more expansive and competitive options to meet future needs.”

Electra’s eSTOL aircraft the press release says “is currently designed to transport nine passengers and a pilot or 1800 pounds of cargo up to 500 miles in all weather conditions.

Electra and Airflow are both privately held and terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

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(Image: Electra)

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