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Deloitte publishes “Advanced Air Mobility, Disrupting the Future of Mobility” report

Deloitte’s “Advanced Air Mobility, Disrupting the Future of Mobility” report is now published and looks ahead 10 years to when air taxis will be common over city skies noting that “AAM ride-sharing is capable of competing with both standard and premium taxis as the anticipated price is almost equal.”

Introducing the new report Deloitte says “After years of false starts and pilots, advanced air mobility (AAM) is finally emerging as a viable mode of transportation to carry people and goods in new, community-friendly, and cost-effective ways. 2021 was a milestone year for the AAM market as electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft companies witnessed $5.8 billion in investments.

“AAM is emerging as a significant shift in mobility, offering fundamentally new capabilities and applications that were previously not feasible. With urbanization and population growth driving congestion in cities, AAM promises to save passengers time, improve productivity and quality of life, increase accessibility for rural and disadvantaged communities, and expand access to goods and services.

“Manufacturers aim to see eVTOL flying by 2024, and the AAM industry could become mainstream in the 2030s as companies strive to make it a commercial success. According to Vertical Flight Society, approximately 600 eVTOL aircraft concepts and designs are being developed by about 350 companies worldwide.  At the same time, the healthy competition between eVTOL companies could help evolve the AAM ecosystem more efficiently and rapidly.”

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Advanced Air Mobility, Disrupting the Future of Mobility

(Image: Deloitte)

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