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eVTOL manufacturer FlyNow targets 2025 e-copter test flights in Saudi, UAE

Making flying taxis affordable, efficient and scalable is the goal of an Austrian company FlyNow, according to Gulf Business magazine.

“The company has developed a 360kg, electric Vertical Take Off & Landing (eVTOL) vehicle that is effectively an ‘e-copter’ “ Gulf Business reports. “It has enough space to fit one or two passengers, and when in flight, it can travel 130 km/h, and up to 150 to 300 metres above the ground.  Advancements in technology allow it to fly on autopilot. It also has multiple battery and motor backups, as well as flight plans that will be submitted to relevant aviation authorities.

“FlyNow has big goals to start setting up a ‘sandbox’ testing environment for the vehicles in the UAE and Saudi Arabia in 2025. At first, the pilot flights will carry cargo payloads of up to 200kg…But the company is hoping to get off the ground with passenger tests soon thereafter.

“In terms of its business model, FlyNow is setting its sights on becoming a supplier of the vehicles while it will partner with companies that will help to build out ecosystems to enable passengers to jump aboard these vehicles and use it as a new form of mobility in years to come. The model could work in such a way that users would be able to ‘book’ an e-copter via an app, and then fly to a dedicated landing zone.”

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(Image: FlyNow)

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