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“First five of up to 120 EHang eVTOLs undergo flight trials as part of Jade Bird Project”

China’s Sohu.com news agency reports that the Western Regions Jade Bird Project, set up in 2023 by Xiyu Tourism and EHang, plans to operate up to 120 EH-216S or similar eVTOLs in the next five years.  “According to the procurement contract signed by the company, five EH-216S unmanned manned aerial vehicles are currently in place, and flight training and personnel training are underway before commercial operation,” said the report, via google translate

“On January 20, 2024, at the launching ceremony of the 5th Frozen Snow Lake Ice Project held in Tianshan Tianchi, the EH-216S unmanned manned aerial vehicle operated by Jade Bird in the Western Regions carried out an unloaded flight demonstration.

“Xiyu Tourism revealed that at present, the company is actively communicating with partners. Low-altitude excursion projects mainly face challenges in terms of technology, market, and rules. To this end, in the future, the company will continue to do more work in marketing, operational details, regulatory approvals, etc., to ensure the successful implementation of the low-altitude excursion project.”

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Western Regions Tourism: 5 unmanned manned aerial vehicles have been put in place to actively promote the landing of the Western Regions Jade Bird (sohu.com)

(Image: EHang)

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