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Jetson opens R&D, pilot training school in Italy

Jetson has announced the opening of its R & D and limited production facility in Arezzo, Tuscany, in a private airfield south of Florence, with an 800-meter airstrip and an adjacent industrial facility from the late 19th century.

According to a company press statement:

“Our new ‘skunk works’ were originally used as a silk factory in the 19th century. This is now being aggressively renovated to home the new R & D and limited production series. However, we will not be stopping there. We are also creating a client experience centre and pilot school. It is here in the breathtaking Tuscan hillside, surrounded by vineyards and stunning Tuscan architecture, that we will be inviting guests to experience the Jetson ONE and also learn to fly.

“The Tuscan climate allows for perfect flight testing conditions and the 800 meter airstrip means we can continue to fly daily. Any customer who has received an assigned chassis number will be invited in the Spring of 2023.”

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