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Skyportz opens global vertiport database and releases modular vertiport design

Skyportz of Australia has announced today that is has opened its property partner database to accept registrations anywhere in the world from potential vertiport locations.  The company has also released the design of a modular vertiport able to be shipped to any location world wide.

Designed by Contreras Earl Architecture (Australia) with site specific input from Arup and To70 Aviation the buildings can be deployed in components packed into shipping containers anywhere in the world” the company reports in its press release and continues: “Leading electric aircraft developer Beta Technologies, will provide battery charging infrastructure which will be suitable for almost any aircraft that may utilise the vertiport.

“Last week Skyportz announced the first Australian vertiport partnership at a business park in Melbourne at Caribbean Park. …Skyportz is offering the property industry a chance to get on the front foot and instal these lightweight, affordable vertiports in advance of being able to actually use them. We don’t need to wait for the policy makers, these buildings can be used for other purposes for now and will be on site and ready to activate for aviation in the future”, said Skyportz’ Clem Newton-Brown.

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(Image: Contreras Earl Architecture)

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