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Joby pilot academy seeks to reduce cost of AAM training

Joby’s pilot academy “will help solve the workforce challenges associated with the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) sector while bringing down the high costs of training” according to Bonny Simi, the company’s head of air operations and people.

The Farnborough International News Network (FINN) reports the California-based electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft developer intends to both manufacture and operate its aircraft, requiring the company to train a new generation of pilots.

According to the report “Speaking at the Royal Aeronautical Society’s President’s Summit 2023: Future of Flight in London, Simi said the programme would consist of a Type Rating lasting six weeks, which can be completed at the end of a conventional commercial pilot training pathway.

“Joby is also expecting to run an ab-initio pilot training programme for those who have no prior flying experience and has partnered with CAE, a global leader in aviation training, to develop and qualify flight simulation training devices that will be used to train future pilots.

“Commenting further on the training programme, Simi said that Joby’s pilot academy would “reduce the cost of training” while having the benefit of being custom-designed to ensure both pilot and engineering teams were trained to operate and maintain the new breed of eVTOL aircraft.”

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(Image: Joby Aviation)

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