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Lilium supports NYC EDC’s decision to seek agnostic eVTOL operator for Downtown Manhattan Heliport

Lilium today announced its support for the New York City Economic Development Corporation’s (NYCEDC) efforts to accommodate eVTOL operations by choosing an agnostic heliport operator who will serve a wide range of aircraft and advanced air mobility (AAM) use cases at the Downtown Manhattan Heliport. The company says the Downtown Manhattan Heliport, located near Battery Park on Pier 6, along the East River, will play a key role in the planned future Northeast Corridor regional network for planned operators of the Lilium Jet.

“Recently, NYCEDC closed their Request for Proposals (RFP) window for firms with heliport, airport, vertiport, logistics, or hub management expertise to operate a future Downtown Manhattan Heliport in Lower Manhattan” according to the press release. “NYCEDC will act as NYC’s administrator in advancing a concession agreement. Lilium has relationships with various infrastructure partners globally who are vying to operate at this vertiport, which Lilium believes will ensure compatibility for the Lilium Jet at the Downtown Manhattan Heliport.

“Having an agnostic operator operate heliports or vertiports ensures those sites operate at their full potential by not restricting usage to specific companies, types of aircraft, industries, or hyper-compatible technologies. Lilium commends NYCEDC for its multifaceted approach, likely enhancing the economic benefits the heliport will drive.

“Lilium’s planned commercialisation approach focuses on being an OEM with aftermarket support and services while selling to various individuals and companies for private, premium, and shuttle operations.

“Lilium will continue working with NYC officials, potential vertiport operators, and planned operators of the Lilium Jet to support this project.”

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(Image: Lilium)

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