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Lilium to set up APAC regional headquarters in Shenzhen-based Bao’an District

Lilium has signed a collaboration agreement with the Shenzhen-based Bao’an District, in which the Germany eVTOL manufacturer will established its [APAC] regional headquarters in the district by way of its recently created Chinese entity “Powerful Wing”.

The collaboration will establish Lilium as an active and contributing industry player in the region’s low altitude economy, supporting relationships with local infrastructure partners, customers, and regulatory authorities, said the company in a press release. While the partnership initially focuses on the Guangdong–Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, with a population of over 85 million people, Lilium intends to grow across China and the broader Asia-Pacific region in the future. Lilium appreciates Bao’an District’s extensive regional knowledge which is essential to build the foundation for premium eVTOL operations in the Greater Bay Area.

“Lilium is currently in the process of opening its regional headquarters in the Bao’an Low Altitude Economy Industry Public Service Center and is the first European eVTOL manufacturer to base a regional office in the district. The regional headquarters will support Lilium Jet sales, services, and support in China and the Asia-Pacific region.  Lilium will also undertake certification and validation in China, which is expected to account for approximately 25 percent of the global eVTOL market. By establishing the regional headquarters in China, Lilium will create new jobs in the Shenzhen region. Local recruitment is expected to begin this year, with a focus on commercial activities. Additionally, Lilium will participate in low altitude economy industry events, work with local infrastructure partners to ensure compatibility with the Lilium Jet, and will open opportunities for local supply chain operations.”

Yong Ni, a representative of the Bao’an District, said: “We are proud to welcome Lilium to Bao’an District as part of our shared mission to build the low altitude economy of the future. This valuable collaboration will create exciting new opportunities and support the development of the necessary infrastructure to bring sustainable regional aviation to Shenzhen.”  

Production of the Lilium Jet commenced late last year at the Lilium HQ near Munich in Germany, with first piloted flight targeted for end of 2024.

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