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China’s Qingdao region to build general aviation, UAM/AAM development hub

According to a ChinaDaily article reports that a total investment of 120.6 billion yuan has been placed in 48 key projects in the Qingdao West Coast New Area in China.  It is understood that the 48 projects cover nine key industrial fields, including intelligent aviation manufacturing with eight aviation and marine equipment industry projects,  including an EHang development centre.

“The project of introducing EHang to Qingdao West Coast New Area aims to build Qingdao into a pilot area of demonstration application star for the development of the international urban air mobility industry by relying on EHang’s AAV technology,” said the report.

“After this project is implemented in Qingdao West Coast New Area, it will significantly improve the efficiency of local transportation and material transportation in Qingdao, reduce transportation costs, enable the growth of regional economic benefits, and help the upgrading and development of Qingdao’s general aviation industry” said a representative of Qingdao West Coast.

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(Image: Qingdao West Coast New Area)

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