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SkyDrive signs pre-order with Bravo Air for eVTOLs, will develop services at Augusta Regional Airport

SkyDrive a Japanese eVTOL aircraft manufacturer, and Bravo Air, a private air charter service operator based in Augusta, GA, USA, have signed a letter of intent for the purchase of up to 5 “SD-05 “SKYDRIVE” aircraft. The agreement also includes the formation of a “Partnership” to conduct joint studies in the development of use cases originating from Augusta Regional Airport to scale Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) within the region including the adaption of SkyDrive`s business model for air taxi services.

“This collaboration builds off our existing relationship with key stakeholders in South Carolina and the progress made to make its Air Taxi Services available to potential customers within the region marking a significant milestone in SkyDrive’s journey to bring safe, sustainable, efficient air travel to local communities” according to the press release.

“SkyDrive aims to establish a thriving eVTOL air taxi network that connects Augusta Regional Airport to various destinations across the region, providing a seamless last-mile mobility experience for commuters and travellers alike. This venture would not have been possible without the support from state and local governments.

“SkyDrive is committed to collaborating closely with Bravo Air and the State of Georgia to cultivate a robust operational AAM infrastructure that benefits regional airports and operators with the goal of creating a connected, environmentally friendly Air Taxi network that serves the needs of local communities while promoting economic growth and opportunity.

“SkyDrive has indicated their intent to continue working alongside key stakeholders in both Georgia and South Carolina to make this vision a reality and invites all Part 135 Operators and related stakeholders interested to join us on this thrilling journey into the future of the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry.”

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