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Portuguese city of Oeiras aims implement AAM services within six years

The Câmara Municipal de Oeiras, Portugal and the Megellan 500 consortium announced on social media they have signed a protocol to implement an Air Electric Mobility project in the metropolis. The parties say it is intended for passenger transport and involves the installation of vertiports for aircraft bases and eVTOLs.

“This technology emerged thanks to significant advances in electric propulsion and the growing need for new vehicles for urban air mobility” according to the municipality’s website. “The system is estimated to be in operation within six years. The project highlights the benefits of these electric aircraft, which positively impact the environment and produce less noise.

“Today, there is a significant investment in aircraft take-off and landing technologies. Combined with increasing levels of automation and newly adapted infrastructures, these technologies can reshape the future of cities and transform travel modes, contributing to the sustainability and efficiency of transport.”

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(Image: Câmara Municipal de Oeiras)


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