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Switzerland’s Jekta Aviation displays 19-seater electric seaplane

Jetka Aviation, a Swiss start up has shown at the Abu Dhabi Air Expo 2022 for the first time the PHA-ZE 100 – a 19-seat all-electric amphibious aircraft.  On social media the company reports that it is “the first time since the middle of the last century, Jekta Switzerland is proposing a commercial displacement seaplane.”

Describing the aircraft as “A representative of “green aviation” – the company says the PHA-ZE 100 aircraft is a passenger hydro aircraft with zero emissions and asserts that “Practically that means the lowest cost per passenger possible and the possibility to be used with low or no ground amenities at all.”

Further, Jetka say “The use of a new electric seaplane will create a segment of sustainable transport mobility for the population living in megacities and small settlements located on the coast of the seas and oceans, connect islands, and preserve the unique nature of wildlife sanctuaries that have become popular as tourists’ attractions.

“Currently, the commuter seaplane segment is only operating floatplanes: the basic models which entered the commercial operators more than fifty years ago. Unlike its predecessors, the PHA-ZE 100 is made of modern composite materials, equipped with modern navigation and piloting systems and an electric propulsion system, and provides commuter passengers with comfortable flight conditions.

“It is no coincidence that airlines from Norway: a country that, together with other Scandinavian neighbors, plans to abandon fossil fuels by 2030, are very interested in this aircraft and have held talks with Jekta at the Abu Dhabi 2022 for the purchase of several PHA-ZE 100 aircraft.

“Investors, production partners, operators see the prospects of PHA-ZE 100 as the one to revive the economy of coastal and island states, significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and use its unique capabilities to operate in tourism sector while preserving nature in its original form. This is a further indication that we are on the right track, and is an inspiration for our team” – says George Alafinov, CEO of Jekta Switzerland S.A., – “Despite that we are our company is 2 years old, Jekta brings together specialists from various countries with many years of experience in the design, production and operation of amphibious seaplanes. We understand that we have announced an ambitious project at the Abu Dhabi exhibition: one that requires concentration of practical knowledge, unique experience, bold investments and perseverance in achieving its non-trivial goals.”

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(Image: Jetka Aviation)

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