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The Government of Åland joins Heart Aerospace’s Industry Advisory Board

The Government of Åland, an autonomous part of Finland, today announced it will join Heart Aerospace’s Industry Advisory Board to provide input on the design, development, and commercialisation of the Swedish company’s regional electric airplane, the ES-30.

In doing so, “Åland becomes the first government represented on the Industry Advisory Board, which consists of airlines, leasing companies and airports from all over the world, each representing a key part of the aviation ecosystem necessary to support the electrification of air travel” according to the press release.

“Earlier this year, Heart Aerospace and the Government of Åland announced a collaboration to explore the use of Heart’s ES-30, in developing sustainable air services for the Baltic Sea group of islands.

“Åland’s capital Mariehamn is located less than 150 km from the Swedish capital Stockholm and Finland’s third largest city Turku, and less than 300 km from Finland’s capital Helsinki and second largest city Tampere, making it an ideal early use case for Heart Aerospace’s ES-30.

“Flight services are essential for Åland’s economic and social connection to nearby major cities on the mainlands. Today, Åland has three flight connections from Mariehamn to Stockholm, Sweden and to Turku and Helsinki on the Finnish mainland.

“Heart Aerospace is developing the ES-30, a regional electric airplane with a standard seating capacity of 30 passengers driven by electric motors with battery derived energy. The ES-30 will have a fully electric zero emissions range of 200 kilometres, an extended range of 400 kilometres with 30 passengers and flexibility to fly up to 800 kilometres with 25 passengers, all including typical airline reserves.”

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(Image: Heart Aerospace)

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