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Spanish UMILES Next AAM company rebrands as “Crisalion Mobility”

Crisalion Mobility is the new name for UMILES Next, the Spanish advanced air mobility company.

Crisalion Mobility says it has a dual commitment to electric ground and air mobility and develops innovative solutions for both passenger transport and freight logistics. The company’s  FlyFree, is being developed by research hub TECNALIA.

“The Crisalion Mobility project is backed by two business groups in Spain: Grupo Ibérica and Grupo Valdemira” according to a company press release. “Crisalion Mobility has secured more than EUR15 million to continue to expand its technology development and spearhead the transformation of advanced mobility.

“During this process of rebranding and renewed investment, Crisalion Mobility has significantly grown its team over the last few months, bringing on board Óscar Lara as COO and Gustavo Rodríguez as CTO. Other appointments are set to be announced imminently.”

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(Image: Crisalion Mobility)

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