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Zhuhai announces range of subsidies for eVTOL operations

According to a Linkedin post from @PhilipFemo, the City of Zhuhai has announced a scale of subsidies it  plans to grant eVTOL operators for launching advanced air mobility routes in the city.

“It is planned to provide subsidies to eVTOL manned routes that news opened locally and operated on a regular basis ticket sales through public channels,” according to a translation of the original message.

Subsidy scales:

  • 150 RMB (UDS20) per sightseeing flight
  • 200 RMB (USD28) per intra-city flight
  • 300 RMB (USD42) total per flight
  • 400 RMB (USD55) for cross-border passenger flights
  • 5M RMB annual limit (USD696,000)

For more information

(Image: EHang  has carried out trial flights of EH216, starting in Hengqin New District and ending in Dong Ao Island in Zhuhai City)

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