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Honeywell’s 1-megawatt generator achieves new milestone

Honeywell today announced it has successfully completed the first round of testing of its 1-megawatt generator system, a new power source designed to serve hybrid-electric aircraft. “This system” the company press release says “is the industry’s first aerospace-grade electric machine that can also be used as a 1-megawatt motor without modifications.”

“The megawatt generator operated at 1.02 MVA (~1MW@ unity power factor) power levels during successful testing” the company reports and continues saying “the test demonstration ran continuously at 900 kilowatts, highlighting the megawatt generator’s high-power density (~8kw/kg) and efficiency (~97%), which are key enablers in hybrid-electric propulsion for both aerospace and ground applications.”

The press release also reports that “At 280 pounds, the Honeywell 1-megawatt generator weighs about the same as a motor scooter and delivers enough energy to power an entire neighbourhood block. Its compact size, low system weight and fuel savings translate into sustainable and operational benefits for hybrid-electric propulsion and other applications such as mobile charging stations, turbogenerator systems that can be flown in remote areas, and directed energy systems.”

Furthermore the company says “These turbogenerator solutions can provide electricity to operate high-power electric motors, charge batteries, or in required cases mechanically drive a propeller to satisfy missions from heavy-lift cargo drones to air taxis and commuter aircraft.”

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(Image: Honeywell)

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