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TCab Tech and Safran sign an agreement to equip E20 eVTOL with ENGINeUSTM smart motor

TCab Tech, an eVTOL aircraft company in China, and Safran Electrical & Power, producer of aircraft electrical systems, today announced a cooperation agreement to equip the E20 eVTOL aircraft with the ENGINeUSTM electric smart motor.

TCab Tech says it is currently developing the E20, a 5-seater passenger-carrying eVTOL aircraft equipped with six rotors – four tilt and two lift rotors – and a high gull-wing with a conventional tailplane design. The company reports “the eVTOL targets a maximum design range of 200km, and a cruising speed of 260km/hour” and that “Safran Electrical & Power will supply all six ENGINeUS TM electric smart motors.”

The CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) certification for the E20 is expected by 2025 and certification of the electric motor mid-2023.

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(Image: TCab)

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