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Parrot announces partnership with FoxFury to equip drones with lights for night-time flights

As drones become increasingly popular in both the commercial and public sectors, there is a requirement for them to fly in all conditions as well as night and day flights, reports a company press release. Parrot’s partnership with FoxFury allows up to three D10 lights to be equipped to the ANAFI line of drones. For such craft to safely fly at night, they must be equipped with lights so other aircraft can see them.

Jerome Bouvard, Director of Parrot’s Strategic Partnerships, said, “The compatibility of FoxFury solutions with ANAFI’s range will make our drones the most efficient and customisable tools for all professionals.”

FoxFury’s lighting system allows Parrot’s ANAFI USA and ANAFI Thermal drones increases their safety as well as adding value to the drones capabilities. The lights can also be used to light up dark areas, and the IR LEDs allow the ANAFI Thermal to get a brighter image during night operations.

Jerome Bouvard

Chris Roberts, Parrot’s Vice-President and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, commented, “We recognise the important and urgent need for more tailored solutions for professional use. This latest light integration is another milestone for Parrot.”

The lighting systems puts out 200 lumens and allows the light to be used as a strobe or a standard beam. The light has a 40-minute battery life when using the standard beam and 80 minutes when using the strobe mode.

Mario Cugini, CEO of FoxFury Lighting Solutions, explained, “With more commercial industries using drones, we saw an opportunity with Parrot to provide professional users, like First Responders, a unique and crucial resource in high-risk environments.”

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