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Covid-19: Watch drone video of Turkish ship graveyard as cruise market collapses during pandemic

This drone video taken at Aliaga Port in Turkey shows a cruise-ship graveyard. The market has been decimated by the pandemic with the industry losing a staggering USD1 billion a month. Some liner companies have become so desperate for income that their older ships are now lying in the Turkish port ready to be broken down for scrap-metal, so at least some monies can be accrued.


Yet, in times of trouble, some entrepreneurs see an opportunity. As large numbers of cruise ships are presently moored in the UK English Channel, where mooring fees are free, one enterprising Englishman has set-up an oceanic business ferrying people in his own small boat for USD25 each to visit these gigantic empty seafarers. After dreaming up the idea and then advertising it on Facebook, within a few hours the man had already booked enough people on his personal cruiser for four different tours.

A Fascinating Video to Watch


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