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Drones in America podcast: ‘CSI’ creator and DroneUp founder on how to make drones the hero

The ‘Drones in America’ podcast is hosted by Grant Guillot who this week takes a look at the film industry. Guillot is joined by Anthony Zuiker, the creator of the CSI franchise – the most successful TV series of all time – as well as Tom Walker, Founder and CEO of company DroneUp.

The trio discuss drones and their growing influence on the world. Zuiker says about drone operators, “You are the future of Hollywood. You are the future of civil service. … I can’t tell you how valuable a drone pilot is. You are seeing it already from COVID-19 and the amazing work Tom and DroneUp have been doing as a civil service to provide materials and medication. In the future, I predict that drones will be necessary and it will be a booming industry… Out of this virus will come many, many opportunities.”

Listen to the podcast at marketscale.com


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