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Watch Event: Dronisos breaks world record for simultaneous indoor drone flight

Dronisos, a leading drone light show specialist, has created a new Guinness Book of Records by breaking the world record for drones flying indoors simultaneously during a recent light show, according to blooloop.com.

Dronisos broke the previous record of 160 craft by flying 200 at once. This record-breaking occurrence took place in a drone light show this week. The event, choreographed by Antoine Marc and Silvia Gribaudi, celebrated the 3rd edition of the San Giovanni Festival and was broadcast on National TV in Italy.

Dronisos is a team of specialised storytellers, who use drones to paint with light. The company creates compelling and immersive narratives by using cutting-edge technology and offer both indoor and outdoor events.

Dronisos has created a range of shows for clients across the globe, including leading theme parks in Europe and Asia, and is currently preparing a large scale outdoor event in the south of France.

Drone light shows are ideal for theme parks and other attractions. As parks reopen after the recent pandemic lockdown, events such as these are an attractive way to welcome visitors back.

Laurent Perchais, Dronisos CEO, said, “We put this show together behind closed doors in the South of France to push the limits of our technology. We are very proud to set this new world record.” Last year, Dronisos announced the opening of its new office and training centre in Orlando, Florida.

Watch The Record-Breaking Event
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