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ANAC opens up public consultation on the type certification of Embraer´s  EVE-100 eVTOL aircraft

Comments, contributions to be submitted by February 14, 2024

By Eduardo de Vasconcellos

On December 12 Brazil’s aviation regulator ANAC opened up a sectorial consultation for the submission of comments on the airworthiness criteria for EVE’s model EVE-100 aircraft. Comments are to be submitted using the forms available at https://www.gov.br/anac/pt-br/acesso-a-informacao/participacao-social/consultas-setoriais and https://www.gov.br/anac/pt-br/acesso-a-informacao/participacao-social/consultas-setoriais/consultas/2023/10/cs-10-2023-proposta.

EVE-100 is an electric, vertical take-off and landing aircraft, with an MTOW of 2,800 Kg, and the capacity for four passengers and one pilot. It has an electric motor with a 5-blade horizontal thrust propeller. Built with composite materials, EVE-100 combines characteristics of both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft and is targeted for executive aviation operations under RBAC-91, and air taxi operations under RBAC-135.

As this is the first ruling for eVTOL at ANAC, the certification path chosen will follow RBAC-21 provisions for special class aircraft. This means that the actual airworthiness requirements for EVE-100 will be made up of elements from airworthiness requirements of other RBACs.

Foreign companies, both manufacturers and potential operators, with plans to operate in the Brazilian market, are advised to review and comment on the requirements proposed in this initial consultation.

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