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CITYAM publishes new report on Baltic Sea Region national and local UAM regulations

CITYAM, a project established by Interreg Baltic Sea Region and co-funded by the European Union, has published a new report that offers an overview of national and local regulations in Baltic Sea Region countries and a policy analysis for the introduction of Urban Air Mobility in cities and regions.

“The cities of the European Union and regions are actively exploring the potential of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) to modernize their transportation systems” report CITYAM. “Before fully embracing the UAM, we as a drone themed project conducted a thorough examination of existing policy plans and regulations in specific Baltic Sea Region countries to ensure that drones and other parts of the UAM systems can be seamlessly and safely integrated.

“The report summarises current and upcoming EU-regulation and compares local regulations and regional policies in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Germany, and Sweden. The publication includes looking at EU-wide regulations, which provide a broad framework.

“By collaborating and sharing insights, municipalities can pinpoint best practices and address shared challenges. This collaborative effort helps to ensure that the municipalities have the necessary knowledge about the infrastructure needed, like drone landing sites, and understanding public sentiment towards UAM.

“The comprehensive approach of the report ensures that, when UAM is introduced, it is done in a manner that is efficient, safe, and aligned with both local and broader EU objectives.”

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(Image: CITYAM)

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