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SkyScape and New Norm Design partner to develop modular vertiports

Asa Quesenberry, founder of SkyScape has announced on social media that the company has signed an MOU with NewNormDesign.inc (NND), an “eco design architecture” firm based in Tokyo, to develop a number of elements for its vertiport building blocks.

“How do you develop vertiport infrastructure that makes sense?” asks Quesenberry. “Well, first and foremost, make it valuable to the people you’re expecting it to be neighbours with. Let’s build aviation infrastructure that makes sense. For the community, for the environment, for the industry as a whole.”

Fara Taraie , CEO and lead architect at NND says “For the building blocks, the original idea was to focus on minimalist designs. We wanted nearly every component to have some sustainable element to it. The units themselves are reused materials and the colours are chosen to blend in with the natural environment surrounding the facility so as not to become an eye sore or take away too much from the natural habitat. The airside aspect of the facility uses light colour to reflect heat and sun in the summer seasons to avoid too much surface temperature gain. We have emphasised materials for the slab that absorb rain water for future usage while allowing the soil to breath. To add an element of aesthetics to the site, recycled timber leftover from the site construction is used to rebuild the facade for the facility, adding to the overall appeal while also reducing temperature gain inside the facility. Green roofing and eco glass are used to decrease energy consumption. At the same time, nearly every aspect of this facility was designed to be moved and rearranged, keeping layout options open for future development considerations”

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(Image: SkyScape)

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