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NASA publishes “considerations playbook” for AAM

Nasa has published its “AAM Community Integration Considerations Playbook” (“considerations playbook”) with the purpose to serve as a practical resource that can help provide initial information to inform local, regional, state, and tribal planning for AAM.”

In the report’s own words

“This AAM Community Integration Considerations Playbook, from here on referred to as the “consid­erations playbook,” aims to provide an overview of planning considerations and the subject matter experts’ thinking relevant to local and regional AAM planning activities. It is intended to have a narrow scope and focus on considerations that could be initiated within the United States at the local and regional level. In the years to come, AAM will evolve requiring additional research, planning, and policymaking.

“The playbook was compiled and created over a series of five workshops in partnership with five community-led teams responding to NASA’s announcement of the opportunity to partner on community and integration planning for AAM in February 2021. The considerations here are based upon a significant foundation of publicly available informational documents.

“The playbook is intended to help communities prepare for the growth and evo­lution of AAM and acknowledge current uncer­tainties and unknowns while providing an initial resource.

“Considerations are organised in three groups

  1. “Organizational strategies—considerations that could be undertaken by organizations responsible for or involved in the planning, implementation, or integration of AAM into communities.
  2. “Research—captures questions that will likely need to be answered before or during AAM planning and implementation.
  3. “Policy Considerations—considerations to be addressed by the appropriate regulatory body or by identifying and understanding the regulations that could impact enabling AAM.

“The integration challenges contained within the playbook are:

  • “Institutional Readiness
  • Equity
  • Community Engagement
  • Planning for Multimodal Integration
  • Funding
  • Economic Development and Workforce Readiness
  • Data
  • Operations and Interoperable Infrastructure
  • Environmental Sustainability”

To download

To download: Advanced Air Mobility Community Integration Considerations Playbook

(Image: NASA)

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