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Gibson “Flying V” electric guitar-inspired jet takes to the sky playing all the right green notes

A prototype of an electric jet inspired by the shape of the Gibson “Flying V” guitar has taken to the skies backed by the Dutch airline KLM, reports energylivenews.com. The guitar-inspired jet burns 20 percent less fuel and will have the same passengers’ capacity as a current Airbus A350.

This V-shaped jet is being developed at the Delft Technology University in the Netherlands. Apart from KLM who became a partner last year, there are various other business associates now involved including Airbus.

The aircraft’s design integrates the passenger cabin, the cargo area and the fuel tanks in the wings, creating that infamous guitar-inspired V-shape. The cabin will be constructed to hold 314 passenger seats in both legs of the V as well as in the connecting centre body.

Computer calculations have predicted the aircraft’s aerodynamic shape and reduced weight could reduce fuel consumption by 20 percent compared to today’s most advanced jet. The seats used in the new design are four kilograms lighter than the typical seats that are currently used on long haul flights.

The next step for the project, which aims to enable long-distance commercial travel, is to provide the Flying-V with sustainable propulsion, taking into account the design seems suitable to carry liquid hydrogen instead of kerosene.

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(News Source: https://www.energylivenews.com)

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