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Covid-19: Project Wing’s drone-delivery service is bringing Easter directly to Australian homes during lockdown

According to the Canberra Times, the Parish family from the city had their Easter chocolate eggs home delivered this year, though it didn’t come through the post. Their fix flew to their Crace home as part of Project Wing’s drone-delivery service.

While boys Hunter and Ryder weren’t initially enamoured with the unfamiliar object hovering close to their house, the sweet treats it delivered from the sky had since proved it friend, not foe. “I told them the Easter bunny has taken the weekend off this year,” Greg Parish said. The family was one of more than 100 homes in Palmerston, Crace and Franklin to sign up for an initial trial of the futuristic food drop-off 12 months ago.

During that time their deliveries have included burritos, coffees, ice cream and hot cross buns. Pauline Parish said in addition to their Easter delivery, the drone had been a familiar sound in the street for a fortnight, as more families heeded warnings to stay indoors. “It’s been quite convenient when the shops have been so busy to know I can order coffee beans or a loaf of bread when we need them,” she said.

There are 15 Canberra businesses now participating in the service, with Bakers Delight Tuggeranong signing up recently to help cater to customers’ hot cross bun cravings during the lead-up to Easter.

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