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Free beer delivered by drone: Family-run pub in Ireland hits upon fun way to keep loyal customers happy during lockdown

According to uav.org, McKeever’s Pub has been part of the Beauparc community for more than 150 years, providing locals with a place to enjoy a great pint alongside copious amounts of craic (entertainment/gossip).

However, like all pubs across Ireland, the County Meath establishment was forced to temporarily close its doors in March as part of a nationwide lockdown designed to stem the flow of coronavirus. The community and McKeever’s regular customers have been bereft ever since.

However, the owner of the much-loved pub, Avril McKeever, came up with a novel way to remind one and all that everyone over at the hostelry hasn’t forgotten about them at this difficult time. With the help of barman and techy-whizz Paul Clarke, she has begun delivering bottles of beer to loyal local customers living within 2km of the pub.

Best of all, the beer is entirely free, with Avril eager just to touch base with some of the familiar friends and faces she was so used to seeing from behind the bar.

“We came up with the idea of the drone as a bit of fun really and a way to reconnect with our customers,” she said.“Paul is my nephew-in-law so I asked him to operate his drone to drop two bottles of beer in the gardens of customers who live within 2km of here.

“We are a rural pub so we have a really strong connection with our community and I just wanted to reach out and say, ‘we’re still here. We hope you’re all doing ok and please have a drink on us.’”

Footage of their impressive drone-led efforts has been doing the rounds on Facebook and is another example of the way pubs are getting creative in order to connect with customers.

For visual information 

www.uav.org/meath-pub-delivering-free-beer-by-drone-to loyal-local-custo/

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