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Philippines Liloan launches drones to combat the covid-19 pandemic

The manilatimes.net report that to further strengthen its efforts in combating the coronavirus pandemic, the municipality of Liloan in the Philippines with a population of 118,753, is deploying drones, equipped with 360-degree cameras to monitor its barangays (villages) and streets for compliance with enhanced community quarantine guidelines.

Termed Project Lupad or Liloan UAV Patrol Augmentation Division, the drones will serve three purposes: deterrence, monitoring and response. Through the use of drone technology, patrolling the streets and far-flung areas of Liloan can be done remotely. Response time to dispersing illegal gatherings will be faster and the monitoring of social distancing more effective, since video monitoring by law enforcement is in real time.

Liloan’s use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) is in partnership with Mataverse, a technology company that will provide at least 10 drones to monitor Liloan’s 14 Barangays, as well as the Philippine National Police, which will monitor and act on violations. Mataverse founder Ryan Tan Yu said, “We are providing these drones to help the government amidst the global pandemic.” Mataverse is funded by the Department of Science and Technology.

Liloan Mayor Christina Frasco said, “Covid-19 is an enemy unlike any other. We must augment traditional governance with innovation to have a better chance of defeating it. The use of drone technology intensifies our fight against Covid-19.” He continued, “We reduce the risk of spreading the virus, enhance the public’s safety, and give assurance that laws are being implemented. Lesser interaction with crowds also protects our law enforcement, auxiliary peace forces, and frontliners.”

Liloan’s smart technology-based approach to fighting the spread of Covid-19 is a first in the province of Cebu. Last week, Liloan also pioneered the use of online medical consultation with GugMed, which provides free virtual medical consultations and online monitoring of persons for Covid-19.

To date, while the Philippines have recorded 637 deaths from Coronavirus, Liloan has reported zero cases.

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