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Researchers carry out Sweden’s first flying food delivery: VIDEO

by Michael Willoughby

Researchers at the research institute RISE have carried out Sweden’s first flying food delivery. The flight was autonomous (self-driving) and BVLOS. A film shows how the drone flew from a restaurant on the outskirts of Linköping into the university area.

In a press release, RISE project manager, project manager Andreas Gising, said the short flight was “an important milestone in showing that fossil-free transport could be carried out by drones in the near future.”

The release said the challenge had been to create a suitable technical solution, develop and test a new safety system and obtain the permission from the Swedish Transport Agency required for BVLOS drone delivery.

The research project was promoted and supported by the EU innovation organization EIT Digital and is an activity to develop and commercialize technology for autonomous stocks and deliveries.

“Security is the most important thing in such a system. We conducted hundreds of verifying flights during the year to ensure the reliability of the system, ”says Rasmus Lundqvist, researcher in Autonomous Systems at RISE and operations manager for the flights.

To be able to carry out the assignment, RISE developed its own safety system, called the Drone Safety Service, a system that will be used by many players in the drone industry and also in future research projects.


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