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Terra Drone group company Antwork helps fight coronavirus in China with medical delivery drones

by Michael Willoughby

Terra Drone is transporting medical samples and quarantine materials throughout one of the areas of  Eastern China most heavily hit by coronavirus.

1,006 patients in the region have already contracted the disease.

Antwork, a Terra Drone company, is flying the items between Xinchang County People’s Hospital, Xinchang County disease control centre and Dashiju branch of Xinchang County People’s Hospital.

The first item was transported yesterday, February 6 via the first “urban air transportation channel”.

Antwork is actively contacting local hospitals to support epidemic prevention with practical actions, fully cooperating with local governments and medical aid units to escort the timely and rapid delivery of medical samples and protection materials through the deployment of its drone transportation network, the company says.

The automatic and unmanned operation mode can significantly reduce the contact opportunities between samples and personnel in the transportation process, and improve the delivery speed, according to the company.

The sample delivery work will be carried out in strict accordance with the certified operation procedures to ensure the safety of medical samples in the transportation process.

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