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FokkerNextGen is converting a Fokker 100 for liquid hydrogen flight

FokkerNextGen has announced it has started adapting a Fokker 100 for liquid hydrogen flight.

“Once this design has been tested successfully, we will use it to convert one of our existing Fokker 100s,” according to the company. “As the original manufacturers of this aircraft, we have the in-depth knowledge and data needed to make the conversion to a hydrogen fuel source successful. By the end of 2024 Fokker Next Gen will have completed the design phase, and conversion of the aircraft will start. The first test flight is planned for the beginning of 2028.

“Together with our sister company Fokker Services we have a long track record of very light, yet very robust designs that demonstrate excellent damage tolerance and resistance to fatigue. As the weight of the design is a critical consideration for a hydrogen powered aircraft, these characteristics will set us up to be successful.

“This project is supported by the Dutch government through EUR 25 million in support from the National Growth Fund. The European Commission is also supporting this endeavor with a Clean Aviation grant. Together with Rolls Royce and other partners, we are working to achieve a permit to fly for our state adapted Fokker 100s, modified to use the latest generation of hydrogen burning turbofan engines.

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