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Heart Aerospace to bring hybrid-electric air transport to Region Gotland

Region Gotland, the largest island in the Baltic Sea, has signed a collaboration agreement with hybrid-electric aircraft manufacturer Heart Aerospace to speed up the introduction of sustainable air travel.

“Located off the south-east coast of mainland Sweden, Gotland is home to approximately 61,000 permanent residents, with its population growing dramatically during the summer months as it is one of Sweden’s most popular vacation destinations,” said heart in a press release. “Reliable and sustainable transportation is vital for Gotland’s accessibility and development, making this initiative crucial for the region.

“Region Gotland has committed to the goal of having at least one operator flying commercially with electric aircraft to and from the island. This initiative aligns with broader objectives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance the region’s attractiveness. A roadmap for the introduction of electric aviation on Gotland has been developed by Science Park Gotland in the spring of 2024, on the initiative of Region Gotland, Gotland’s business community, and the electric aviation industry. The plan, which will be launched tomorrow, Friday, outlines the steps needed to achieve this goal.

“On Gotland, we are entirely dependent on air and ferry traffic to and from the island, and we must be able to travel sustainably. This decision to deepen the collaboration with Heart Aerospace is an important milestone in our journey towards sustainable communications,” said Meit Fohlin, Social Democrats, Chair of the Regional Executive Board.

Heart Aerospace is developing the ES-30, a regional hybrid-electric airplane with a standard seating capacity of 30 passengers, which promises to deliver unparalleled sustainability and efficiency on short-haul routes. With a fully electric zero-emission range of 200 kilometers and an extended hybrid range of 400 kilometers, the ES-30 offers lower emissions and operating costs.

“Heart Aerospace has just entered an exciting new phase of hardware testing, and our aim is to have a hybrid-electric passenger plane on the market before the end of this decade;” said Anders Forslund, co-founder and CEO of Heart Aerospace. “As we get closer to this goal, collaborations with airports, operators and regional authorities are crucial to ensure the eco-system needed to support electric aviation. We look forward to working together with Region Gotland to make this a reality.”

The collaboration between Region Gotland and Heart Aerospace will explore operational needs, technical requirements, ground infrastructure and maintenance, and business models. Last year, Heart Aerospace announced a similar collaboration with the Government of Åland, an autonomous region in Finland.

Heart Aerospace has already secured 250 orders for the ES-30, with options and purchase rights for another 120 airplanes. The company also has letters of intent for a further 191 airplanes.

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