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Cranfield University “wins UKP69 million to build aviation hydrogen research hub”

The largest hydrogen research hub at any UK airport will be built at a Bedfordshire university according to the BBC.  Science and Technology specialists at an airport run by Cranfield University have successfully bid for UKP69 million to continue examining how the fuel can help meet zero emissions targets.

“It is the largest research funding win in the university’s history and cash will also be used for equipment and staffing to support the project” according to the article.

“As the only university in Europe with its own airport, Cranfield has a controlled airside environment which can demonstrate, test and advance new technologies. With the Government setting domestic aviation a target of achieving net zero emissions by 2040, the Cranfield Hydrogen Integration Incubator (CH2i) will support the industry in moving towards the use of the fuel at scale.

“It will provide an environment to develop the production of technologies as well as storage tanks, aircraft designs and engines that are urgently required to accelerate the adoption of hydrogen in a net zero world.

“The project includes building new labs to create an on-site Hydrogen Integration Research Centre.”

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(Image: Aiden Bell Anotherkind Architects)

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