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Greenpower Park announces new UK Centre of Electrification and Clean Energy

Greenpower Park, Coventry – the new UK Centre of Electrification and Clean Energy says it is setting the stage for investment in green electrified technology and skilled job creation.

“With the West Midlands Gigafactory as its anchor tenant, the ambitious project, designed to foster world-leading collaborations between industry, major academic institutions and stakeholders to drive the UK’s ambitions in leading the transition to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future, has unveiled plans to create an end-to-end electrification and clean energy ecosystem at its Greenpower Park campus in Coventry – the only site in the UK with approved plans for a large-scale battery production facility with capacity for up to 60GWh – enough to power 600,000 electric vehicles and benefiting significant incentives associated with investment zone status” according to the press release.

“Combining endorsement from nine local universities and a local business sector rapidly establishing itself as a leader in electrification and clean energy, the Greenpower Park campus will support the development of new businesses and manufacturing facilities with a unique package of incentives, combining investment zone status, approved planning permission and an unprecedented regional incentives package to kick start development.

“With a strategic focus on electrification technology development and manufacturing, the centre aims to attract an unprecedented inward investment of UKP2.5 billion – creating 6,000 highly skilled jobs and placing the UK at the forefront of critical clean energy technologies – and is already attracting keen interest, with a number of Asian battery manufacturers actively considering moving to the site.”


Greenpower Park

(Image: Greenpower Park)

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