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Skyportz offers small retail investors to buy equity in the company

Skyportz, the Australian vertiport company, says it has opened an expression of interest for small retail investors to purchase equity in the company.

“We already have over 500 shareholders who invested in the early days. We are now at the stage that there is a lot more certainty. The front runner aircrafts are close to certification and there is strong policy support in Australia from all levels of government. Also, our air regulator, CASA is preparing the skies for this revolution in aviation”. said Clem Newton-Brown, CEO of Skyportz.

“Skyportz has been assembling the pieces of the Advanced Air Mobility puzzle in Australia for the last 5 years” according to the press release. “Its focus is on breaking the nexus between aviation and airports and enabling property owners to activate their sites with vertiports.”

Mr Newton-Brown said that investors who have backed OEMs are now starting to realise that there has been underinvestment in the ecosystem that underlies the promises of AAM on demand.

For further information and expression of investor interest

(Image: Skyportz)

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