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Japan targets more than USD100 billion of hydrogen investment in long-awaited national strategy update

Hydrogen Insight reports that Tokyo officials have agreed to increase the supply of hydrogen fuel sixfold to 12 million tonnes per year by 2040 and is mulling a subsidy programme.

According to Hydrogen Insight “The revised Basic Hydrogen Strategy also envisages a sixfold increase in the size of the hydrogen supply targeted by the country, rising to 12 million tonnes by 2040, up from the two million tonnes used today — with the help of what appears to be a contracts for difference (CfD)-style subsidy scheme.

“Billed as “introductory” and subject to revision, the 12-million-tonne target includes volumes of ammonia, although this is likely to be measured in terms of the weight of hydrogen used to produce it.

“The new target appears to act as an interim target amid the previous strategy’s goals of reaching three million tonnes by 2030, and 20 million tonnes by 2050.

“In the context of the energy crisis, hydrogen is attracting attention around the world, and countries around the world are now fiercely competing over hydrogen,” Japan’s minister for economy, trade and industry, Yasutoshi Nishimura said, describing the strategy as “unprecedented [and] comprehensive… with integrated regulation and support”.

“He added: “We would like to steadily build a supply chain for hydrogen in Asia and the Indo-Pacific region by further expanding Japan’s [hydrogen] technology, which has been world-leading.””

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