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Aeros to provide updates on its VTOL cargo airship programmes at Breakbulk Americas 2023

Aeros Corporation, a company developing airships and aerostats, has announced its participation in Breakbulk Americas 2023, the trade event for the project cargo and breakbulk industry.

“Aeros’ mission is to extend current air logistics limit, and has pioneered the Aeroscraft eVBA, a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly airship that promises to revolutionise global logistics and e-Commerce” according to the press release. “This Electric Zero-Emission Variable Buoyancy Cargo Airship operates upon its signature Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) system, enabling pick-up and drop-off during hover mode and delivery to area without adequate infrastructure. The Aeroscraft doubtlessly makes strides towards a more efficient and eco-friendly transportation era.

“Regarded as a strong tool for project cargo, the Aeroscraft eVBA boasts an unique multifold, underneath cargo bay opening, often referred to as the “bomb bay door”. This distinctive feature allows for the seamless transportation of both oversized equipment and low-density cargo, significantly enhancing the flexibility and adaptability of cargo missions.

The Aeroscraft is being developed in two configurations:

  • ML866: Features a 264,000 cubic ft cargo volume with the capacity to transport up to 66 tons
  • ML868: is designed with 1,043,100 cubic ft cargo volume, designed to handle loads up to 250 tons.”

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(Image: Aeros)

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