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DroNext rebrands as SkyScape Japan (DroNext) and closes pre-seed investment round

Asa Quesenberry, Founder of SkyScape a provider of AAM sector services in Japan, announced today on social media that “It gives me great honor to announce that DroNext has closed our pre-seed investment round.”

He goes on to say “Our unique Vertiport Integration Platform is designed to empower communities and truly let them develop Vertiport facilities that address their specific needs.

“With our real focus finally coming into view, its appropriate to announce in tandem that our startup DroNext has rebranded to SkyScape Japan (DroNext), a name we feel more clearly captures our ambitions in the AAM space.

“Our Pre-Seed raise is being led by none other than Japan’s top AAM VC Firm, DroneFund who strongly believes in our community based approach to Vertiport development, ownership and operations. We are proud to become a member of the DroneFund family and represent them and Japan on the global AAM stage.

“At SkyScape, we believe that our focus on putting the client and community first while developing ports that address their unique challenges, is the best way to assure AAM reaches its true potential.”

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(Image: SkyScape)

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