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A2Z Drone Delivery launches new RDS2 to deliver any box up to 10kg

A2Z Drone Delivery, Inc, developer of commercial drone delivery solutions, reports it is launching its second generation Rapid Delivery System (RDS). The RDS2 automated delivery winch the company says eliminates the need for specialty cargo boxes, and is capable of delivering any payload up to 10 kg/22 pounds which “makes it the highest payload capacity delivery winch on the market”. A2Z Drone Delivery also reports it is rolling out a new integrated cargo drone, the RDST, offering service providers an off-the-shelf drone delivery system for last mile deliveries. While the RDST features an integrated RDS2, the standalone Rapid Delivery System the company says can also be installed on an array of popular enterprise delivery UAVs.

In a press release the company reports “that with the new RDS2 and RDST, A2Z Drone Delivery is expanding its lineup of drone delivery hardware focused on its core mission of creating systems that address consumer-protection concerns with burgeoning residential drone deliveries. By conducting deliveries from altitude, A2Z Drone Delivery’s solutions protect recipients from spinning UAV propellers, while mitigating privacy concerns of low-flying drones and abating intrusive rotor noise.”

The press release describes the new RDS2 as “Featuring a compact design which maintains the redundant safety mechanisms of its predecessor including its payload monitoring system, passive payload lock, manual or automatic tether controls, and tether abandonment should it become inadvertently entangled.”

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(Image: A2Z Drone Delivery Service)

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